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Boys 400 - 800

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Union Tribune Standard: 52.3h/52.44a

400m (CIF 51.24)

47.20a Nico Reaves SR Lincoln CIF-State Finals 5/31

47.88a Joe Cooks JR Mission Hills Escondido Invite 4/25

48.16a Ryan Morgan SOPH Ramona CIF Finals 5/24

48.30a Marquis Sumpter JR Fallbrook CIF Finals 5/24

48.45 Jock Mission Bay Western Finals 9-May
48.78 Phillips Lincoln CIF Finals 24-May

49.17a Ryan Keegan JR Carlsbad CIF Prelims 5/17

49.32 Pierce Sweetwater Mesa Prelims


49.84 Adams Valley Center Valley Finals 9-May
49.86 Thomas Cathedral Western Prelims


49.86 Villagran Brawley CIF Prelims


49.94a Hector Collazo SOPH Mission Hills CIF Finals 5/24

50.0h Isaac Cannon SR Lincoln Dual 4/17

50.15a Phillip Hartegen SR RBV Avo Finals 5/8

50.28a Josea Tate SOPH Mt. Miguel CIF Finals 5/24

50.29a Nick Barnes JR Bonita Vista CIF Prelims 5/17

50.35 Thompson Scripps Ranch Western Finals 9-May
50.39 Allen Mt. Carmel CIF Prelims 17-May

50.45 Corral Bishops Coastal Finals 8-May
50.45 Walkins Palo Verde Imperial Finals 9-May

50.46a Adrian Del Castillo JR Vista Avo Finals 5/8

50.54 Dantzler Morse Eastern Finals 9-May

50.64 Perez Ramona Valley Finals 9-May
50.74 Brock Mt. Carmel Palomar Finals 9-May
50.90 Brown Serra Eastern Finals 9-May
50.95 Puente Cathedral Western Finals 9-May

50.97a Jamie Dale SR Steele Canyon Big Dual Invite 3/8

50.98a Paul Bryant SR Otay Ranch Dual 4/23

50.98 Furbert Chula Vista Mesa Finals 9-May

51.04 Heyenga Mission Hills Valley Finals 9-May
51.10 Parra St. Augustine Western Finals 9-May

51.1h Torrance Hoover Dual 4/3

51.1h Christian Yu JR Vista Dual 4/23

51.11 DeBarrows Santanna Grossmont South Finals 9-May
51.13 Richardson Monte Vista CIF Prelims 17-May 
51.18 Vjaters Grossmont Grossmont South Finals 9-May

51.18a Alfred Haselrig JR Otay Ranch Dual 4/3

51.21a Max Thompson Scripps Ranch Escondido Invite 4/25

51.28 Richards Steele Canyon Grossmont Prelims


51.30 Birdner Hoover Central Prelims


51.34 Vargo Escondido Valley Finals 9-May

51.37a Macky Fleet JR University City Dual 4/17

51.45 Laws Ramona Valley Finals 9-May

51.50a Jamal Alston SR RBV Dual 3/12

51.5h Aaron Fenlason SR Rancho Bernardo Dual 4/30

51.53 Erskine RB Palo Prelims


51.7h Zach Brown SR Mira Mesa Dual 4/3

51.7h Crossland Lincoln Dual 4/3

51.70 Negron Clairemont Central Prelims


51.70 Buffaloe Mater Dei CIF Prelims


51.74a Erik Anderson SR San Dieguito Academy Falcon Relays 3/22

51.76a Kyle Richardson SR Monte Vista Jaguar Invite 4/12

51.76a Gilbert Uriarte JR Hilltop CIF Prelims 5/17

51.77 Hernandez University City Eastern Finals 9-May

51.8h Chad Dunham JR Torrey Pines Dual 4/23

51.81 Torres Hilltop South Bay Prelims 6-May

51.84a Damaine Bradshaw JR Valhalla Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

51.90a Torrance Birdner JR Hoover Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

51.9h Tyler Heyenga SR Mission Hills Dual 4/30

51.92 Garvey Otay Ranch Mesa Finals 9-May
51.93 Parra St. Augustine CIF Prelims 17-May
51.94 DeBarrows Santanna Grossmont Prelims 6-May

51.98a Dwayne Jackson JR El Camino Avo Finals 5/8

52.02a Joe Cisneros FROSH Steele Canyon Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

52.03 Ojeda Eastlake Mesa Finals


52.05a TJ Sumpter Fallbrook Avo Prelims 5/5

52.1h Gerald Kemp SR Rancho Bernardo Dual 4/23

52.11a Charlie Rudolph SR Poway Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

52.13a Kris Cooks SOPH Morse Frosh-Soph Champs

52.14a Josh Copeland JR Vista Big Dual Invite 3/8

52.15a Rasean Cook JR Oceanside Escondido Invite 4/25

52.15a AJ Mangoba SOPH Vista Avo Prelims 5/5

52.16a Greg Picos FROSH Olympian Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

52.16a Ken Raedel JR San Pasqual Dual 4/23

52.16a Aaron Beeson SR Mountain Empire CIF Prelims 5/17

52.17 Bryan Serra Eastern Finals 9-May
52.19 LaRochelle West Hills Grossmont South Finals 9-May

52.2h Jared Puente SR Cathedral Catholic Dual 4/17

52.2h Colin Hammill SR RBV Dual 4/23

52.2h Danzler Morse Dual 4/24

52.3h Colin Hamill SR RBV Dual 4/2

52.3h Panek Valley Center Dual 3/26

52.32 Simpson Steele Canyon Grossmont Prelims 6-May

52.42a Adrian Ibarra SOPH Morse Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

52.43a Brian Kaylin JR Serra Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

52.44a Hector Gonzales SR Valley Center Dual 4/23

52.48 Garcia Clairemont Central Finals 9-May

52.5h James Patterson JR Torrey Pines Dual 4/16

52.5h James Pease SR Carlsbad Dual 3/26

52.51a Bryant Davis SOPH Lincoln Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

52.55a Gary Stevenson SR Oceanside Escondido Invite 4/25

52.6h Deshon Allen SR Mt. Carmel Dual 3/26

52.62 Cassani St. Augustine Western Finals 9-May



Union Tribune Standard: 2:03.4

800m (CIF 2:00.44)**

1:50.40a Mackey Fleet JR Unviersity City UCSD Triton 4/26

1:50.66a Charles Jock SR Mission Bay Nike Outdoor Nationals 6/21 

1:55.20a Bret Hasvold SR Fallbrook CIF-State Prelims 5/30

1:55.22a Aaron Fenlason SR Rancho Bernardo Escondido Invite 4/25

1:55.74a Ken Raedel JR San Pasqual Escondido Invite 4/25

1:55.80 Haslerig Otay Ranch Mesa Finals 9-May

1:56.12a Todd Van Duzer SR Fallbrook Avo Finals 5/8

1:56.36a James Patterson JR Torrey Pines CIF Finals

1:56.67 Groom Bonita Vista Mesa Finals 9-May
1:57.33 Brown Mira Mesa CIF Prelims 17-May

1:57.54 Manley Ramona CIF Finals 24-May

1:57.58a Andrew Imthurn JR University City CIF Finals 5/24

1:57.63a Josh Settles JR Carlsbad Avo Finals 5/8

1:57.72a Samuel St. Laurent JR El Camino Avo Prelims 5/5

1:57.75a Edgar Lopez SR Mar Vista CIF Finals 5/24

1:57.80a Matt Corey SR Steele Canyon Escondido Invite 4/25

1:57.83a Drew Flood SR Rancho Bernardo Escondido Invite 4/25

1:57.98a Hector Gonzales SR Valley Center Escondido Invite 4/25

1:58.07a Jon Pease SR Carlsbad Escondido Invite 4/25

1:58.09 DeRozieres University City Eastern Finals 9-May

1:58.28a Josh Smith SR Fallbrook Avo Prelims 5/5

1:58.7h Colin Jarvis JR RBV Dual 4/16

1:58.88 McIntosh Patrick Henry Eastern Finals 9-May

1:59.00a Dexter Wood JR El Camino Avo Prelims 5/5

1:59.18a Gregor Lloyd-Smith SR Torrey Pines Falcon Relays 3/22

1:59.30a Ben Booker SOPH University City CIF Finals 5/24

1:59.45 Aparicio Sweetwater Mesa Finals 9-May
1:59.65 Kassler Escondido Valley Finals 9-May
1:59.73 Corey Steele Canyon Grossmont South Finals 9-May
1:59.74 Osuna Bonita Vista Mesa Finals 9-May

2:00.0h Josh Copeland JR Vista Dual 4/16

2:00.12a Adam Rolph JR CCA CIF Prelims 5/17

2:00.34a Jesus Cardenas SR Oceanside Avo Prelims 5/5

2:00.04a Andrew Imthurn JR University City UCSD Triton 4/26

2:00.08a Joel Walker Serra Escondido Invite 4/25

2:00.51 Castillo Otay Ranch Mesa Finals 9-May

2:00.80a Anthony DeBarrows SR Santanna Escondido Invite 4/25

2:00.98 Sherrod Steele Canyon Grossmont Prelims 6-May

2:01.05a Khoa Mai SR Mira Mesa Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

2:01.08 Buckmaster Steele Canyon Grossmont South Finals 9-May

2:01.46 Daniels Helix Grossmont South Finals 9-May

2:01.52a Alejandro Aporicio JR Sweetwater Dual 4/23

2:01.55a Marlo Villanueva SOPH Southwest (S.D.) South Bay Finals 5/8

2:01.57 Aliamus Torrey Pines Palomar Finals 9-May

2:01.64a Mike Cuaresma Westview Escondido Invite 4/25

2:01.78a David Grimes JR Coronado CIF Prelims 5/17

2:01.81a Thomas Estrada SR RBV Dual 3/12

2:01.85 Cable Rancho Bernardo Palomar Finals 9-May

2:02.17 Lemus CU Imperial Finals 9-May
2:02.23 Imthurn University City Eastern Finals 9-May
2:02.46 Oleson Steele Canyon Grossmont South Finals 9-May

2:02.68a Chris DeStefano JR RBV Avo Finals 5/8

2:02.69a Dillon Jack JR Torrey Pines Dual 4/2

2:02.86 Leon Scripps Ranch Western Finals 9-May
2:02.86 Magos Southwest (E.C.) CIF Prelims 17-May

2:02.93a Diego Vega JR Orange Glen Dual 4/23

2:03.0h Saieed Rihan JR Escondido Dual 4/30

2:03.13a Angel Mendoza SR La Jolla Dual 4/24

2:03.4h Sean Proehl SR Rancho Bernardo Dual 4/2

2:03.52 Davis Rancho Bernardo Palomar Finals 9-May




**Times will be designated Hand (h) or Automatic (a), but hand times will not be converted to automatic times (that's just too much of a pain, even for me)**

E-mail corrections, first names (if last name only is posted), missing grades, and missed results (so long as they comply with the time standards) to Matt Schubert, at schubertrun@gmail.com


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