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Girls 400 - 800

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400m (1:03.00/CIF 60.64)

56.6h Tenille Stoudenmire JR Rancho Bernardo Dual 4/23

57.11a Vanessa Houston JR Hoover Bronco Invite 3/15

57.13a Demi Lucero SOPH Escondido CIF Finals 5/24

57.18a Maila Lucht SOPH Sweetwater Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

57.5h Ashlin Yahr SR Torrey Pines Dual 4/23

57.60a Yozmine Modeste SR Scripps Ranch CIF Finals 5/24

58.43a Niki Novak SR Mira Mesa Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

58.56a Alex Parks FROSH Mt. Carmel Trabuco Hills Invite 4/5

58.62 Destinee Harrison Morse FROSH Eastern Finals 9-May
58.64 Amanda Johnson El Camino  SR Avocado Finals 8-May

58.7h Kim Flournoy FROSH Horizon Dual 4/25

58.77 Desclos University City SR Eastern Finals 9-May
58.80 Gove Granite Hills SR CIF Prelims 17-May
58.95 Alex Webber Poway SR Palo Prelims


59.17 Ceclia Beauchamp Carlsbad JR CIF Finals


59.33 Ferguson El Capitan SR CIF Prelims


59.35 Jackae Bridges Mater Dei  JR South Bay Finals 8-May
59.43 Carillo Hilltop   South Bay Finals 8-May
59.49 Camila Alvarado Mater Dei SOPH  South Bay Finals 8-May

Kayla Nelson

Patrick Henry


CIF Finals 24-May

59.74a Breana Wilburn-Blake SR Mission Bay Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

59.81 Peterson San Diego SOPH Eastern Finals 9-May


Lettie Williams

Torrey Pines


Palo Prelims


59.89a Tess Plant-Thomas JR La Jolla Dual 4/3

59.91 Jessica Carrillo Hilltop ?? South Bay Prelims 6-May

59.92a Kassandra McDaniel SOPH Vista Avo Finals 5/8

59.96 Ayala Otay Ranch   CIF Prelims 17-May

1:00.0h Elizabeth Apgar JR Lincoln Dual 4/3

1:00.00 Yousif El Cajon Valley   Grossmont North Finals 9-May

1:00.06a Lauren Krassny SOPH La Costa Canyon Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

1:00.14a Chantelle Clark SR Poway Dual 4/23

1:00.22 Green Lincoln SOPH Central Finals 9-May

1:00.23 Lei  RBV  SOPH Avocado Finals 8-May

1:00.34 Spruill Hoover SOPH Central Finals 9-May
1:00.38 Mariecurrena Chula Vista   Mesa Finals 9-May

1:00.4h Alyssa Zafuta JR Torrey Pines Dual 4/23

1:00.4h Aylin Mejia SOPH Sweetwater Dual 5/1

1:00.50 Bartam Escondido   Valley Finals 9-May

1:00.5h Ashlee Klattenburg JR Cathedral Catholic Dual 4/17

1:00.58 Murray La Costa Canyon   Palomar Finals 9-May

1:00.7h Lauren Hall FROSH Mt. Carmel Dual 4/23

1:00.70a Kaylyn Parrish SR Scripps Ranch Dual 4/3

1:00.7h Alissa Campanero FROSH Bishops Dual 4/25

1:00.77a Elena Jefferson JR Vista Big Dual Invite 3/8

1:00.78a Jenna Puterbaugh SOPH Santa Fe Christian Jaguar Invite 4/12

1:00.79 Erin Zwinger Poway FR Palo Prelims 6-May

1:00.94 Bakke La Jolla JR Western Finals 9-May

1:00.94a Arianna Sanders SR Francis Parker CIF Finals 5/24

1:01.00a Harris El Cajon Valley Dual 3/12

1:01.1h Crystal Spears SR Scripps Ranch Dual 4/10

1:01.12a Melanee Terrell JR El Camino Avo Finals 5/8

1:01.2h Disha Hall SR Morse Dual 4/3

1:01.21a Amanda Wright JR RBV Avo Finals 5/8

1:01.3h Amanda Mulkey FROSH Fallbrook Dual 4/2

1:01.34a Kathleen Carbone SR Carlsbad Falcon Relays 3/22

1:01.41 Sullivan Eastlake   Mesa Finals 9-May

1:01.44a Brianna Gibas SOPH Carlsbad Avo Finals 5/8

1:01.49 Matthews Rancho Bernardo   Palomar Finals 9-May

1:01.5h Miklaski Westview Dual 4/16

1:01.61a Ariel Barley JR Mission Hills Jaguar Invite 4/12

1:01.62a Jasmine Askew FROSH Scripps Ranch Dual 4/3

1:01.69 Leigh Rutherford Helix SR Grossmont Prelims 6-May

1:01.7h Emily Petros SR RBV Dual 4/16

1:01.7h Iwobi Oceanside Dual 3/12

1:01.7h Brittany Small SR Crawford Dual 4/3

1:01.7h Cassie Mulkey SR Fallbrook Dual 4/30

1:01.76a Kianna Valdez FROSH Central Uni CIF Prelims 5/17

1:01.83a Floyd Vista Avo Finals 5/8

1:01.86a Heather Hallahan JR Julian CIF Prelims 5/17

1:01.90a Alexis Samuels SOPH LJCD CIF Prelims 5/17

1:01.2h Dana Kawabe SR Vista Dual 4/16

1:02.0h Rachel Lofton JR Westview Dual 3/26

1:02.0h Danielle Bradshaw SOPH Valhalla Dual 3/12

1:02.0h Emily Osga JR Patrick Henry Dual 4/3

1:02.20 Edwards Mira Mesa SR Eastern Finals 9-May

1:02.2h Emily Mecke JR San Dieguito Double Dual 3/13

1:02.63 Holohan Cathedral SOPH Western Finals 9-May

1:02.90a Helen Bravin SOPH Westview Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

1:02.92a Bella Glenkia FROSH Mt. Carmel Big Dual Invite 3/8



800m (2:30.00/CIF 2:24.64)**

2:12.71a Elizabeth Apgar JR Lincoln CIF Finals 5/24

2:14.38a Tess Plant-Thomas JR La Jolla CIF Finals 5/24

2:14.8h Alli Billmeyer FROSH Torrey Pines Dual 4/30

2:15.25a Erin Gillingham JR Torrey Pines CIF-State Prelims 5/30

2:15.61a Niki Novak SR Mira Mesa CIF Finals 5/24

2:16.5h Ashlin Yahr SR Torrey Pines Dual 4/30

2:16.81 Hall Mt. Carmel Palomar Finals 9-May

2:17.13a Michelle Cruz SOPH Vista CIF Finals 5/24

2:17.37a Nihal Kayali JR La Jolla Dual 4/24

2:18.17a Nicole Aurigemma SR Carlsbad Sundevil Invite 3/29

2:18.78a Amanda Mulkey FROSH Fallbrook Sundevil Invite 3/29

2:19.10a Maila Lucht SOPH Sweetwater CIF Finals 5/24

2:20.06 Yeaman Mission Hills Valley Finals 9-May

2:20.4h Shanna St. Laurent FROSH RBV Dual 4/16

2:20.42 Vitug University City Eastern Finals 9-May

2:20.86 Post Cathedral Western Finals 9-May

2:20.9h Katy Andrews SR La Costa Canyon Dual 4/23

2:21.15 Brittany Balcom Ramona CIF Prelims 17-May
2:21.54 Flores Point Loma Eastern Finals 9-May

2:21.6h Katie Sanger JR Valley Center Dual 4/30

2:21.74 Lizzy Lorentz Poway Palo Prelims 6-May
2:21.84 Stamer Torrey Pines Palomar Prelims 6-May

2:22.05a Laura Wyatt JR Bishops CIF Finals 5/24

2:22.44a Angelique McClure FROSH Lincoln CIF Prelims 5/17

2:22.60a Anna Lei SOPH RBV Avo Finals 5/8

2:22.7h Megan Morgan SOPH Torrey Pines Dual 4/30

2:22.73 Davignon Escondido Valley Finals 9-May
2:22.94 Egense Rancho Bernardo Palomar Prelims 6-May
2:23.01 Spinler El Cajon Valley Grossmont North Finals 9-May
2:23.07 Peterson San Pasqual Valley Finals 9-May

2:23.1h Nicole Martins-Boyte FROSH Westview Dual 4/16

2:23.1h Molly Grabill FROSH Rancho Bernardo Dual 4/16

2:23.22 Arredondo Westview Palomar Finals 9-May

2:23.24a Emily Mecke JR San Dieguito Academy Falcon Relays 3/22

2:23.41a Sallie Privett SOPH Coronado Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

2:23.51a Jessica Armstrong SOPH La Jolla CIF Prelims 5/17

2:23.55 Aylin Mejia Sweet Mesa Prelims


2:23.57 Park San Pasqual Valley Finals 9-May

2:23.63a Sammie Silva JR Our Lady Peace Dual 4/23

2:23.72 Rachel Naranjo Eastlake CIF Prelims 17-May

2:23.90 Duffy Escondido Valley Finals 9-May
2:23.96 Gabby Black GH Grossmont Prelims 6-May

2:24.19a Sara Seacat FROSH Torrey Pines Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

2:24.4h Emily Birch FROSH Escondido Dual 4/16

2:24.45 R Yahr Torrey Pines Palomar Prelims 6-May
2:24.46 Udwela Rancho Bernardo Palomar Prelims 6-May

2:24.61a Lindsey Drake SR Cathedral Catholic Sundevil Invite 3/29

2:25.00 Delgado Granite Hills Grossmont South Finals 9-May
2:25.06 Murphy Valley Center Valley Finals 9-May

2:25.19 Moss Grossmont Grossmont South Finals 9-May

2:25.2h Alisia Barajas SR Vista Dual 5/1

2:25.28a Kaylie Belk SOPH Carlsbad Avo Finals 5/8

2:25.3h Tara Shoecraft JR Westview Dual 4/16

2:25.36 Swanson El Capitan CIF Prelims 17-May

2:25.59a Sheree Shea JR University City Dual 3/12

2:25.61a Nicci Nelson FROSH University City Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

2:25.66a Caroline Draper JR Rancho Bernardo Bronco Invite 3/15

2:25.87a Chelsea Mumby SR Westview Sundevil Invite 3/29

2:26.4h Veronica Leon SR Escondido Dual 4/9

2:26.47a Reyes Aydead Mission Bay Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

2:26.48a Alicia Trujillo JR Westview Dual 4/23

2:26.49 Amber Berry Serra Eastern Prelims 6-May
2:26.55 Parr Steele Canyon Grossmont South Finals 9-May

2:26.7h Erin Menefee SOPH Mt. Carmel Dual 4/23

2:26.73a Lindsay Valdez SOPH Mt. Carmel Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

2:26.88a Shelby Sims JR Torrey Pines Falcon Relays 3/22

2:26.92a Alyssa Medina FROSH El Capitan CIF Prelims 5/17

2:27.10a Julia Cramer FROSH Fallbrook Avo Finals 5/8

2:27.56a Erika Garcia JR Chula Vista Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

2:27.60a Zuri Rios JR Oceanside Avo Finals 5/8

2:27.66a Kinsey Lewis FROSH San Pasqual Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

2:27.68 McCandless Poway Palo Prelims 6-May

2:27.77 Wicoff RB Palo Prelims 6-May
2:27.81 Peterson SP Valley Prelims 6-May

2:28.17a Darina Dinov SOPH Rancho Bernardo Falcon Relays 3/22

2:28.30a Kayla Nelson JR Patrick Henry Elmer Runge Invite 4/5

2:29.36a Lindsey Spieker FROSH Ramona Frosh-Soph Champs 4/26

2:29.55a Allison Frontera SR Vista Big Dual Invite 3/8

2:30.52a Arianna Pascarolla SOPH Steele Canyon Big Dual Invite 3/8



**Times will be designated Hand (h) or Automatic (a), but hand times will not be converted to automatic times (that's just too much of a pain, even for me)**

E-mail corrections, first names (if last name only is posted), missing grades, and missed results (so long as they comply with the time standards) to Matt Schubert, at schubertrun@gmail.com





























































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